Safety Supervision Photo


Safety training is completed by all levels of Jones-Blythe supervision including the Senior Management, Project Managers, Engineers, and Estimators. This way safety is designed into the building system for the project. Superintendents are also trained in all aspects of site safety and they are able to perform the duties of site safety officers. The site Superintendents complete the same rigorous training program as the site safety officers.

Jones Blythe has a Senior level Safety Director with over 25 years of safety experience in the construction industry. He holds multiple degrees in safety including a BS in Safety Management and an MS in Occupational Safety. He is a certified safety professional (CSP) by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, and is a formal OSHA compliance officer.

Data is entered from each site into an internet file share site by Site Safety Officers and Superintendents where the Safety Director is able to monitor safety performance, leading and lagging indicators, from each site on a daily basis. Continuous monitoring of the leading and lagging indicators has proven to be a useful tool in accessing the effectiveness of the safety program as a whole and instrumental in the improvement of those systems.

Formal incident investigations are conducted for significant incidents. These investigations are conducted with a team approach and the lessons learned are shared company wide for the improvement of our safety systems. It is our desire to prevent the reoccurrence of any incident.