E.R. 'Jack' Jones and Fred C. Blythe

About Jones-Blythe Construction Co.

In 1936, E.R. "Jack" Jones was the general contractor for the historical restoration of the Ann Rutledge Tavern at New Salem State Park. Historians and architects developed drawings based on the original foundation and remnants. Jack Jones' workers harvested local trees; cut, shaped and hand-adzed logs; mortised, assembled, pegged and chinked the log cabin. The structure is still a part of the central Illinois Lincoln heritage.

Jones-Blythe Construction formed in 1955 when Fred C. Blythe became business partners with Jack Jones in the time honored tradition of marrying the boss's daughter.

Through the decades, Jones-Blythe has adopted up-to-date techniques to provide innovative solutions to today's construction challenges. From beginnings as log cabin builders, Jones-Blythe evolved into a general contractor, capable of working on diverse commercial and industrial projects. Because of the opportunity to work on schooling, institutional, health care, and various commercial projects, Jones-Blythe has built a strong team of project managers, responsive superintendents and committed employees.

In 1987, Jones-Blythe was asked to prepare a proposal for a compressor station in the pipeline industry. From that new beginning, we are now a major player in the natural gas and petroleum piping industry. With our ability to complete projects on time and under budget, we have made a name for ourselves in this specialized industrial field.

Today, we continue to provide owners with the construction expertise to complete a project successfully. Whether it is a commercial or industrial project, we can assure the best management and skilled workmanship is brought together to build quality construction and relationships.

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